The Brief: There's a growing movement on TikTok to change profile pictures to Lego Star Wars characters.


In a rivalry against the Hype House TikTok stars, many TikTok users are campaigning for others to change their profile pictures, also known as PFP’s, to avatars from the Lego Star Wars video game series. Similar to the Area 51 “raid,” this meme movement seems to be a form of ironic organizing for the sake of a collective goal. Lego Star Wars TikTok memes and videos encourage viewers to make their profile pictures a character from Lego Star Wars.

@thepeepeepoopooboysThe raids are coming soon. exploding.pancakes #fyp #foryou #starwars #lego #legostarwars #ceoof♬ Star Wars (Hip Hop Remix) – Miami Dynamite

@maxjar6200The raid was successful let’s plan the next one and go even stronger πŸ’ͺ🏻 #legostarwars #foryou #foryoupage #viral #epic♬ Cantina music goes hard – adamkindacool

#LegoStarWars and #LSW TikTok videos have accumulated over 341 million views. The main initiative of these videos is to pressure members of Hype House to join in changing their PFP’s. Some videos layout specific missions, including inundating Hype House stars with comments about Lego Star Wars at specific times. Some members of Hype House have already joined in, including TikTok star Charli Damelio, who has over 16.5 million followers and changed her profile picture to a customized Princess Leia icon.

@dein0miteI have joined the Lego Star Wars Army! Tho rly plz help idk if my hands can keep going for much longer #turnitup #piano #foryou #legostarwars #cantina♬ original sound – dein0mite

While there is some trolling and so-called “raiding” of comments sections involved in this meme, it appears to mostly consist of positive, lighthearted videos about joining a “movement” of others with Lego Star Wars profile pictures. Many of these videos are set to remixes of the Star Wars theme song or the Cantina song, sometimes with Lil Jon’s “okay” mixed in. Many #LSW videos playfully invite others to join “order 69” or welcome them to “king nation.”

@kado_xdAnd I live by that! #fyp #foryou #starwars #legostarwars #legostarwarsthecompletesaga♬ Cantina remix – connor_strickland