The Brief: The "knock on fake glass" TikTok trend consists of creators performing a sequence of fist pounds on imaginary glass.


TikTokers are pretending to knock on fake glass as part of a new trend. Typically, creators perform a sequence of fist/palm pounds against a glass window, before revealing the window is actually open and there isn’t any glass. Another form of this trend sees creators simply pounding their fists against the air, nowhere near a window. The trend became popular in early February.

These videos are performed to “Chapter 1’s Main Theme (Extended)” from the Corpse Party: Blood Covered video game soundtrack along with a voice saying, “That’s some bullsh*t.”


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♬ Berleezy thats some bs – kay



♬ Berleezy thats some bs – kay

Memes have also emerged in which creators pound their fist to show their frustration with a situation described in their on-screen text.



♬ Berleezy thats some bs – kay

Phone storage jokes:


Had to delete Spotify to make this one πŸ˜”

♬ Berleezy thats some bs – kay


There’s also an ongoing challenge about whether the trend begins with a fist or a flat palm.


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♬ Berleezy thats some bs – kay