The Brief: Kamtunechi's "Corvette Corvette" tutorial teaches TikTokers how to perform the "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)" dance.


The “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” dance is incredibly popular on TikTok. It is marked by various hand and body motions including miming driving a car, doing the dolphin, rolling the dice, holding up peace signs, crossing arms, and more. The combination isn’t too complicated, but it appears like many people are doing @yvnggprincedance’s dance incorrectly and creator @Kamtunechi decided to give everyone a fool-proof tutorial to correct it.


I was out of breath 😂😂😂 but y’all gotta chill 💀

♬ original sound – Kam Tunechi 💕

“I’m tired of seeing it. So here we go,” is how Kamtunechi started the hilariously detailed dance lesson which garnered over 2.9 million likes and 12.1 million views since it was shared on Dec. 27.

Her critique combined with colorful commentary made the audio a new favorite on the app, seeing many users and popular TikTokers duetting her video or lip-syncing to it.

Loren Gray:


#duet with @kamtunechi thank u for this

♬ original sound – Kam Tunechi 💕



This audio SENDS ME 🤣 @kamtunechi

♬ original sound – Kam Tunechi 💕

Heidi D’Amelio (Charli’s mom):


#duet with @kamtunechi this is my favorite trend! Love this girl so much💗💛💙✌🏽😂

♬ original sound – Kam Tunechi 💕

There’s also this unique POV featuring dance shoes, too. It garnered over 495,000 likes and 2.1 million views.


I’m tired of seein’ it… #corvettecorvette #bitch #fyp #jetlikethat #br #bridgerton @kamtunechi

♬ original sound – Kam Tunechi 💕

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