The Brief: The #JustVibing TikTok trend sees people and anthropomorphized objects singing to Miguel's "Sure Thing."


“Just Vibing” TikToks are trending on the app. These videos are memes meant to illustrate when someone or something (typically, anthropomorphized objects) are left to their own devices for a period of time. The person, place, or thing is usually depicted lip-syncing to a cover of Miguel’s “Sure Thing” to pass the time. These videos are meant to be humorous.

There are over 47,000 videos linked to the audio on the app. Over 126 million views have accrued under the associated hashtag #JustVibing.

Many videos featuring anthropomorphized objects are about how they’ve been forgotten or lost, like this Airpod.


Quarantine hair:

Humans are part of this trend, too. This TikToker is waiting on their chicken poppers.


Y’all know the vibes

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This is for all the people who don’t mind late night chats on Slack.


Lowkey working at night is nice because there’s no pressure and no one bothers you 🥴 #work #corporatetok #softwaredeveloper

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