The Brief: The "It Started With A Hey" TikTok trend pokes fun at pairs of people and their contrasting characteristics.


The “It Started With A Hey” TikTok trend is marked by creators comparing two types of individuals, typically those who have a relationship to one another, but are considered opposites.

These videos typically begin with one individual and on-screen text sharing characteristics about them, before revealing another individual who appears to have contrasting characteristics to the first person. Typically, this individual is pointing two fingers at the inside of their arm. This is a popular pose on TikTok. It is usually paired with on-screen text to indicate they are naturally built different, their disposition is in their nature, hence they are pointing at their veins and/or blood.

These videos are performed to “Hayloft” by Mother Mother. There are over 85,000 videos linked to the audio on the app. The trend began rising in popularity around Feb. 22.


It started with the hayloft a-creakin’
Well, it just started in the hay (loft)
With his long-johns on, Pop went a-creeping
Out to the barn, up to the hay

One of the most popular videos is by @donatellaaa. Her TikTok features her father and on-screen text that reads “Dad with anger issues thinks he always right,” before the camera focuses on her. She’s standing on top of the kitchen counter pointing at her arm. The on-screen text reads “Daughter with same anger issues that also thinks she’s always right and isn’t afraid to challenge him.” The video received over 2 million likes and 8.4 million views within a day of posting.


story of my life #fyp

♬ Hayloft – Mother Mother

Another take pokes fun at a younger siblings and their ultimate fighting moves. The TikTok by @zekoolaidguy garnered over 1.4 million likes and 4.9 million views in two days.


idk why it’s just so hard to beat them when they do that #fyp #viral #relatable #siblings

♬ Midari got a gun – ૮₍ ´𖦹 ˕ ×` ₎ა

Some videos poke fun at couples, too. Opposites attract, right?


true story 😩 ib: @mjgrimsley1001

♬ Midari got a gun – ૮₍ ´𖦹 ˕ ×` ₎ა

There are also movie references, like this one referring to Marvel Avengers: Endgame.


We rockin wit rocket⁉️ #greenscreen #marvel #marvelstudios

♬ Midari got a gun – ૮₍ ´𖦹 ˕ ×` ₎ა