The Brief: The "I'm A Different Breed" TikTok trend pokes fun at creators who are considered to be on another level due to their bizarre, bold, and in some cases, basic behavior.


The topic of being a “different breed” is popular on TikTok. It is part of a running joke about creators being “built different” and on another level. This is the reasoning behind that creator’s bold, bizarre, outlandish, or abnormal behavior.

The “I’m A Different Breed” videos poke fun at creators who don’t follow the norm, as well as, those who think they’re on a different level for doing the bare minimum. These videos are performed to the line “Maybe I’m a different breed” from AWOLNATION’s “Sail.”  There are over 136,000 videos linked to the sound.

Many of these videos in this trend feature creatures using the “Face Stretch” effect.

@Ccolinnnn’s video is one of the most popular in the trend. He compared his love for reading books while livestreaming rather than performing @besperon’s viral WAP routine. The video received over 2.1 million likes and 9.1 million views.


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@Trashmane’s TikTok is about using the bathroom. It garnered over 433,000 likes and 4.1 million views.


I’m just built different 😤

♬ baby im a different breed – lexi.borden

Creator @johnadediran50’s TikTok is about the ridiculous method he used to get an iPhone X. The video amassed over 467,000 likes and 2.3 million views.


Just build different 🦾#fyp #foryoupage #viral

♬ baby im a different breed – lexi.borden

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♬ baby im a different breed – lexi.borden



♬ baby im a different breed – lexi.borden