The Brief: The "I'll Never Forget You" TikTok trend sees creators recalling people who've made a lasting impression on them.


The “I’ll Never Forget You” TikTok trend is marked by creators honoring and/or reminiscing about people they’ve met who impacted their lives.  These videos are meant to be funny or touching. They are performed to “Never Forget You” by Noisettes. There are over 438,000 videos linked to the audio.


So glad you’re back again
I’ll never forget you
They said we’d never make it
My sweet joy
Always remember me

An incredibly popular take is about a guy who took a bite out of this TikToker’s pretzel. If you’re a fan of boy bands, you might want to see this.

@clumsygirl22##greenscreenvideo♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes

Many other videos in this trend revolve around romance. This video begins with tension that turns to… um, passion? I’ll let you decide.



♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes

This woman’s TikTok recalls her memorable encounter with a stranger at Olive Garden. She has more than a few photos to serve as a reminder.


I wish this was a joke… #olivegarden #ollietheolive @olivegarden #whenyourehereyourefamily

♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes

Other takes:


♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes


where is she now 🙊

♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes