The Brief: TikTokers are telling others their fortunes as part of the "If You See This It Is Meant For You" trend.


TikTokers are predicting their followers’ futures as part of a new trend. These videos consist of on-screen text that indicates the viewer is seeing a TikTok fortune made specially for them. The text also implies the video is one of many different videos the viewer could have seen.  Some of the creators in this trend are actually creating numerous fortune-telling videos. Many of these videos do not use hashtags, but have high numbers in terms of views and likes. These videos are fishing for engagement by saying likes and follows help the fortune come true. These TikToks began growing in popularity on the app in early November.

These videos are set to Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade.” There are over 99,000 videos linked to the sound.


I’ve spent all of the love I saved
We were always a losing game
Small-town boy in a big arcade
I got addicted to a losing game

Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh

One of the most popular fortunes comes from @Alliyahbaysdell. She is said to have made five videos and if the viewer happened to come across this one (video No. 2), the viewer can expect someone to confess their love for them soon.

@Luke120000’s TikTok, which is said to be video 61 out of 75, predicts the viewer will get their dream job out of college.

Some fortunes are a bit “spicier” than others, like all of these about your best friend.

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