The Brief: TikTokers are outing cheating significant others as part of the "I Like You, I Don't Give A F*ck About Your Boy/Girlfriend" trend.


The popular “I Like You, I Don’t Give A F*ck About Your Boyfriend” TikTok trend is marked by creators revealing their celebrity and TikTok crushes while lip-syncing to “Let’s Link” by WhoHeem. The trend was popular due in part to its potential to incite TikTok drama.


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♬ Lets Link – WhoHeem

While it seemed like most videos were created purely for fun, a new take on the trend may be pushing the envelope. The new iteration follows the first half of the original trend, marked by creators sharing photos of a two lovers performed to WhoHeem’s “Let’s Link.” The audio then cuts into an automated voice saying, “Girlfriend. Actually, how about you tell her.” The creator then shares photos of them with  the said crush while “Piece Of Yo Love” by iBeFoolynn.

There are over 10,000 videos linked to this audio, after the original trend began growing on Aug. 31. These videos are also being referred to as part of Messy TikTok. The associated hashtag #MessyTikTok has accumulated over 54.5 million views associated with the hashtag

“Let’s Link” Lyrics:

I like you, I don’t give a f*ck ’bout your boyfriend
Come on, let’s link, can’t do what I do, I can beat it up with no hands

“Piece Of Yo Love” Lyrics:

Can I have a piece of yo love?
Tell yo b*tch I like you
F*ck she gon’ do?

The new trend is causing a stir across TikTok and Twitter, with many viewers unsure if the videos are intended to be humorous or a means for TikTokers to out their partners. @Sahidahatesyou’s video sparked many conversations on Twitter, as her video appears to involve Lil Mama and a male companion.

@BeyonceMitchell’s video was also shared on Twitter, sparking more discourse around the “messy” trend which is also found under the associatedhashtag #MessyTikTok.

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Some TikTok are clearly meant to be funny, as they feature fan photos with celebrities.


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