The Brief: Creators are sharing videos of their pets and the mean comments they've received about them as part of the "I Just Want To Be Appreciated" TikTok trend.


The “I Just Want To Be Appreciated” TikTok trend sees creators sharing videos of their animal friends as well as the mean and hurtful comments people have made about them. The trend is primarily about pets, but also features videos about significant others. “This trend began growing in popularity in early November. There are over 183,000 videos linked to the sound, which is a clip of Cigarettes After Sex’s “Apocalypse” cut into an emotional video of a woman named Maritess Trosper saying “I just want to be appreciated.”

This trend was first sparked by creator @Kiidangii’s Oct. 23 TikTok where she teased what she wanted to be for Halloween. Instead of sharing a costume, she shared the clip of Trosper. The unexpected twist made the video and sound a viral hit. The TikTok received over 626,000 likes and 5.7 million views.

The sound was then used by creators to share videos about mean comments and issues regarding their pets. This feline was called “useless” by another creator, but 1.2 million likes might mean otherwise.


tuti deserves some love too #fyp @lattechai505

♬ Ur appreciated ily – angela vasquez

Sweet Peanut’s dark spots have been likened to mites.


the people sayin that b the mites #MyRecommendation #RedBullDanceYourStyle #UnwrapTheDeals

♬ Ur appreciated ily – angela vasquez

And, this little blind pup doesn’t seem to be too keen on having to wear “googly eyes” when going out in public.


#FamilyImpression #FallFashion

♬ Ur appreciated ily – angela vasquez

Other takes:


This is a joke haha I don’t care about people’s option about my pets #fyp #foryou #tiktok #trend #pet #stickbug #viral

♬ Ur appreciated ily – angela vasquez