The Brief: TikTokers are sharing photos of their brothers and sisters as part of the "I Ain't Ever Seen Two Pretty Siblings" trend.


Spun off of the viral “I Ain’t Ever Seen Two Pretty Best Friends” TikTok meme, comes the “Pretty Siblings” edition. This new meme is based off of the relationship advice from creator @Jayrscottyy. In an Oct. 8 video he said, “I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends. It’s always one of em gotta be ugly.”

The new trend uses similar audio. It also sees creators using on-screen text to indicate they are referring to siblings. They follow it up by sharing photos of their good-looking brothers and sisters. The trend began growing in popularity in mid-November. There are over 43,0000 videos linked to the audio.

The new spin on the audio links back to @Britneycrandell’s Nov. 8 video which showcased pictures of her and her family members.


@pretty_luh_emma_ #fyp #siblings #country

♬ original sound – Britney Crandell

Other took the audio and hopped on the trend, including actor China McClain. Her video garnered over 850,000 likes and 3.2 million views.


periodt. 🤭 @laurynmcclain #sierramcclain

♬ original sound – Britney Crandell

@Gogetta.issa’s family hit the genetic lottery with four pretty siblings.


#greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #fypシ #siblings #like #comment There is 4 more like for a part 2😭✊🏽

♬ original sound – Britney Crandell

There’s also this brother-sister duo who appear to be models.


And there’s more of us 😅 #greenscreen #fyp #virl #siblings #twoprettysiblings

♬ original sound – Britney Crandell

Other takes:


That’s on having 7 siblings🤩 #JustDanceMoves #foryou #jdwonderland #viral #sisters #irish

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Don’t mean to flex but…. @brandongreenjrr @jasmineeisner

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