The Brief: Under the umbrella of Alt TikTok (the opposite of Straight TikTok), there are many sub-subcultures including Hood Alt TikTok.


TikTokers are showcasing the various communities and “sides” of the app they are a part of. Beyond Straight TikTok, Alt TikTok, and even Retail TikTok and Frog TikTok, people are claiming space for Hood Alt TikTok, Black Alt Girl TikTok, and more, many of which specifically center Black creators.


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At the time of writing, videos associated with the hashtag #HoodAlt have been viewed over 22.1 million times on TikTok.


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Two main figures on Hood Alt TikTok are creators @palmparidisee and @grizz.cll who started the video trend most commonly associated with #HoodAlt TikTok. This trend features text that reads “you’ve now entered ____ Alt TikTok,” allowing people to add an additional descriptor to describe their particular niche within Alt TikTok. They usually have a film camera-like filter for a vintage or alt aesthetic. These videos are usually set to the song “I’d Rather Sleep” by Kero Kero Bonito which includes the lyrics “now I know what’s real what’s fake.” Over 89,000 videos that use this sound have been uploaded to the app.


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In addition to Hood Alt TikTok, people are making videos about Sneakerhead Alt TikTok, Wallpaper TikTok, Black Rural Alt TikTok, Japanese Alt TikTok, Suburban Black Girl Alt TikTok, and more.


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