The Brief: The Heather "Walks By" Challenge is by @tina.burgos. It involves creators moving their eyes across the room  when they hear the words "walks by" in Conan Gray's "Heather."


TikTokers are challenging themselves to move their eyes slowly and smoothly only when they hear the words “walks by” in Conan Gray’s “Heather” as part of the #WalksByChallenge by @Tina.burgos. The track is associated with the popular topic of “Heathers” on the app. The collective term refers to girls who are popular, like in the 1989 film Heathers, and girls who are pretty and lovable, like in Conan Gray’s single.


Only if you knew, how much I liked you
But I watch your eyes as she

Walks by
What a sight for sore eyes

There are  1 million Heather-themed videos linked to Conan Gray’s track on TikTok under two different links. The top videos are all part of the “Walk By” challenge. The associated hashtag #WalksByChallenge is linked to over 2.6 million views.

The latest TikToks see creators trying to move their eyes when Gray sings “walks by,” as if to just watched their love stroll past them in slow motion. The trend was started by @Tina.burgos. On Sept. 2 she shared a video singing to “Heather” that was captioned, “Can I start a trend where we try to slowly move our eyes when he says ‘walks by?'” Her video garnered over 649,000 likes and 4.6 million views.


and can u guys tag me bc the last time i started a trend on my main i got no credit at all LMAO

♬ original sound – mills

The trend has been attempted by popular creators like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio. The trend has also evolved as some creators are playfully poking fun at those who aren’t able to move their eyes smoothly.


♬ original sound – routinesbymills

Some have gone as far as to include a “Heather” to walking, imitating other creators’ awkward eye movements. @Officialbsap’s video garnered over 4.2 million likes and 19.4 million views. His eyes followed a Heather who moved in rigid motions across the room.


WHY DID MY EYES MOVE LIKE THAT AND NOT SMOOTHLY #fyp #foryou #heather #conangray #callmyoptometrist #xyzbca #trend #viral creds: @tina.burgos

♬ original sound – routinesbymills

@Xtopher’sjames’ TikTok saw Heather glide quickly glide across the room. The video received over 272,000 likes and 782,000 views.


heath cuz i like boiz #heather #fyp

♬ youre cute – .roxqna