The Brief: The Flip The Switch challenge first went viral on TikTok in 2018, but it's recently had a major resurgence as mainstream celebrities and even politicians participate in the trend.


The Flip The Switch Challenge involves two people standing in front of a mirror while a clip from Drake’s song Nonstop plays in the background. After Drake says “I just flipped the switch,” the lights turn off and back on, revealing that the two people have switched places, swapped outfits, or done something else unexpected.

This challenge has been circulating on TikTok since 2018 and had a major resurgence in February and March 2020 with celebrities and influencers including Jennnifer Lopez, Emily Ratajkowski, and The Fat Jewish sharing their own versions. Videos have also been shared across other platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon Flip The Switch

Days after dropping out of the 2020 Democratic presidential race, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts appeared on SNL. That night, she and Kate McKinnon collaborated to create a Flip The Switch Challenge video that was posted to SNL’s official TikTok page. In the video, Warren is seen filming while McKinnon, who is dressed up like Warren dances in the background. After Drake’s line “I just flipped the switch” plays in the background, the lights turn off and on and Elizabeth Warren is then seen dancing in the background while Kate McKinnon films.

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#FlipTheSwitch and #FlipTheSwitchChallenge on TikTok

At the time of writing, videos associated with the hashtags #FlipTheSwitch and #FlipTheSwitchChallenge have been viewed over 558 million times on TikTok.

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