The Brief: Eminem's "Fack" is part of a TikTok trend detailing the pros and cons of various situations.


Eminem has been cancelled by Gen-Z (allegedly), but it looks like Zoomers are still having some fun by making TikToks using his 2005 track “Fack” as part of a popular trend. These memes are typically marked by creators proposing a scenario that most people would want to be in (generally speaking), before providing reasons as to why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Creators shake their head from side to side while detailing the cons of the situation. There are over 808,000 videos linked to the audio.


I am, I’m going to cum (I’m cumming!)

A popular take in this trend is this video captioned “Everyone Wants To Move To Paris, Until…” It garnered over 1.3 million likes.

Creator @sydnidupre put her own spin on the trend, by detailing the pros of dating someone who uses a wheelchair. The video received over 900,000 likes.

There seems to be a video for just about any scenario.

Having older siblings:

Being tall:

Dating an actor:

Having antisocial friends: