The Brief: The "Do You Notice Me?" TikTok trend sees creators calling out attention-seeking individuals. The trend is performed to PNB Rock's "Notice Me."


The “Do You Notice Me?” TikTok trend calls out individuals who do the most for attention. These videos began growing in popularity in late September and are performed to PNB Rock’s “Notice Me.” There are over 152,000 videos linked to the audio.


Do you notice me do you notice me
Yeah, yeah, I just wanna know shawty, do you notice me
Shawty you should roll with me

One of the most popular TikToks is by @Nmillz1. It poked fun at classmates who don’t notice or seem to care when their rear-end is on display. The video amassed over 353,000 likes and 1.1 million views.


Ib: @maybegabby

♬ this really blew up follow me – tokyo

@.johng’s TikTok also made fun of classmates who crack their bones loudly in class. It received over 218,000 likes and 726,000 views.


#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #VibeWithUs #TikTokCooks

♬ this really blew up follow me – tokyo

@Onikacat’s video took aim at girls who bring up their height in conversations. It amassed over 130,000 likes and 440,000 views.

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