The Brief: The #PatilaDanceChallenge on TikTok, calls for creators to duet an animation of an orange human-like frog belly dancing.


The Patila Dance Challenge is spreading across TikTok. It stems from a Sept. 30 video of an orange frog with a human-like build belly dancing. The video under the account @Artnoux was captioned, “Can you move like Patila? #PatilaDanceChallenge.”


Who can move like Patila? #patiladancechallenge

♬ son original – artnoux

The animation is being referred to as “Dame Tu Cosita” Season 2 and “Dame Tu Cosita” 2.0. That was a 2018 track by El Chombo featuring Cutty Ranks. The music video featured a green hip-thrusting human-like frog.

At the time of publication, the music video is still receiving comments from viewers. The green frog also appeared in a 2020 Presidential Election meme. It is featured in a viral remix of Paula White’s election prayer rehashed by iMarkkeyz, the same guy to remix “You About To Lose Yo Job” and the Cardi B “Coronavirus” Remix.

The video of the orange frog was initially shared on YouTube as “Patila — Missed The Stranger.” The YouTube account and TikTok account are both under handle @Artnoux. The description of the Sept. 28 video indicates the animation was also made by the account holder.

The YouTube video amassed over 58,000 views. It also performed incredibly well on TikTok, receiving over 1.5 million likes and 17.8 million views. The audio is linked to over 14,900 videos, mostly of people attempting the dance. The hashtag #PatilaDanceChallenge has accumulated over 25.6 million views.


#Duo avec @artnoux #dancechallenge #crazyfrog #funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸΈ

♬ son original – artnoux

The driving force behind the frog’s popularity seems to be due in part to the peculiar nature of the dancing animation. TikTokers expressed mixed reviews in the comments section, with some finding Patila attractive and others finding the frog a little bizarre.

More short clips of Patila dancing are under the TikTok account @Taniyayoussouf. These videos see Patila swimming in a lake, before heading to shore and belly dancing. The video below as 3.1 million likes and over 23.1 million views.



♬ son original – Taniiya