The Brief: This TikTok dance challenge urges creators to share videos of themselves dancing like nobody's watching.


The directions for this now viral dance challenge are rather vague. The #HereRightNow challenge on TikTok, which has over 165 million views to date, asks users if they’re “living in the sixth dimension” and encourages them to “show us where you’re at.”

The “sixth dimension” refers to an excerpt from the 2015 Willow Smith song, “Wait a Minute”. In most iterations of this meme, users dance to a sound clip from the song. The volume of the music escalates just as Smith sings the lyrics, “But I’m here right now, right now.”

Similar to the YeeHaw Meme Challenge, this is one of the rare instances where a TikTok influencer has started a meme trend rather than simply popularizing it on behalf of TikTok or a brand. In this case, TikTok user @chrisrivera is responsible for setting the trend of “dancing like nobody’s watching”.

Many users have followed suit by recreating their own versions of the meme to include silly dance moves like Chris’.