The Brief: The #CuddleChallenge, also known as, Cuddle With Your Toddler TikToks, call for parents to film their kids' reactions when they snuggle with them.


The #CuddleChallenge Toddler Edition sees parents interrupting their kids as they watch their favorite cartoons by cuddling with them. Their kids’ reactions are priceless. The trend began growing in popularity on TikTok on July 29. Typically parents will lay their head on their child’s lap while they’re watching their favorite cartoons. The associated hashtag #CuddleChallenge has over 1.1 million views. Though, previous cuddle challenges involving significant others are also associated with this hashtag, too.

These videos are performed to James Blake’s cover of Frank Ocean’s “Godspeed.” There are over 337,000 videos linked to the sound. Granted, other heart-warming TikTok challenges and videos are set to this sound, too.

Regardless, the challenge is making its way from TikTok to Twitter, indicating a budding trend.

TikToker @Cocorocha’s video captured the sweetest smile from her son. The stirring clip received over 2.1 million likes and 8.6 million views.


So much love for my little man. #iverconran #toddler #momsoftiktok #babiesoftiktok

♬ original sound – jamesblake

@Nickandsienna’s video featured Sienna giving her dad a huge hug garnered over over 1.2 million likes and 5.8 million views.


My love💙🥺 #siennarose #MyBFF

♬ original sound – jamesblake

More videos:


Really didn’t expect this reaction 🥺 #cuddlechallenge #toddler #mom #parenting #challenge #MyBFF #fyp #ChiliDogYum #foryou

♬ original sound – jamesblake


Only if she’s hungry will she kick me away 😂😂 #cuddlechallenge #daughterlove

♬ original sound – jamesblake


Tried it with my 8month old ♥️ #LookalikeEdit #babyedition #cuddling #loveher #babygirl #mommydaughter #fypシ #cuddlechallenge

♬ original sound – jamesblake