The Brief: The "Coming Of Age" TikTok trend typically consists of creators using the line "Hey kid" and turning everyday activities into optimistic endings associated with teen movies.


The “Coming-Of-Age” TikTok trend sees creators poking fun at the optimistic, yet happy-go-lucky movie endings typically associated with coming-of-age films. Many of these videos are marked by creators using the lines “Hey kid” or “Take care of yourself” while performing regular, day-to-day activities.

These TikToks can be found under the hashtag #ComingOfAge. At the time of publication, the hashtag is trending on the “Discover” page and has racked up over 753 million views. There are over 10,000 videos linked to the sound “Coming Of Age” by Blondes. The trend began growing in popularity in mid-October.

One of the most popular takes is by TikToker @Bettercallhall. His video captioned “If class ended like a 2000’s teen movie,” garnered over 1.1 million likes and 4.9 million views.


#teacher #highschool #movies

♬ Coming of Age – Blondes

This Harry Potter-themed spin is another popular video. It garnered over 263,000 likes and 878,000 views.


This trend is so funny please

♬ Coming of Age – Blondes

@Daiseygorgeous’ TikTok poked fun at movies ending with an airport scene. The video amassed over 164,000 likes and 579,000 views.


lmao is this accurate? idk ksjsk inspired from✨ @bettercallhall ✨

♬ Coming of Age – Blondes

Other takes:


#greenscreen My big sis beats up neighborhood bully pt2 #DoItBold #SkateLife #DialItForward #foryou #comedy #truestory #viral

♬ Coming of Age – Blondes


Last scene in a coming of age 2000s film but make it WAP

♬ Coming of Age – Blondes


Still waiting for Chad to text me back… #comingofage #chad #ThatWitch

♬ Coming of Age – Blondes