The Brief: The coconut girl aesthetic is characterized by tropical prints, bright colors, crochet clothing, skirts, and shell accessories.


What Is A Coconut Girl?

Coconut girl is a term to describe a new aesthetic on TikTok. It started growing in popularity in May 2021. The style is described by TikTokers as the Y2k and VSCO girl aesthetic mixed with tropical clothing.

The style is also characterized by 2005’s mermaid TV show H20: Just Add Water and the classic mermaid movie Aquamarine.

Style & Beauty Necessities

TikTok videos and mood boards associate the trend with tan skin seen and style seen on many of the 2000s pop stars and celebrities — basically Y2k. Clothing consists of crochet items, tropical print mini dresses, skirts, and lace-trimmed tops. Coconut girl accessories typically are shell or flower necklaces and crochet bags. Color schemes adhere to teal, pink, green, lavender, glitter and sparkles. As for hair, beach waves and braids are best.

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The trend emerged on TikTok. It can be tracked under the associated hashtags #CoconutGirl and #CoconutGirlAesthetic. Some videos are also performed to Lana Del Rey’s unreleased track “Mayawaya.”


While the trend seems mostly harmless, there are some who caution the name of the trend may be offensive. In the comments section of a few TikToks, individuals mention the term “coconut girl” may be a slur towards Polynesians and Pacific Islanders.