The Brief: TikTokers are decorating their walls with colorful LED lights and stuffing to create cloud walls.


The latest TikTok DIY involves transforming your room into a colorful sky. The trend sees creators building their own colorful LED display, before revealing the dreamy results. Part of the allure of this trend is seeing the finished product. There are over 61 million views under the associated hashtag #CloudWall. The trend began growing in popularity in late November.

@Cringecarter’s  pink and orange cloud wall garnered over 4.9 million likes and 19.5 million views.


by far the best addition to my room😊 #roommakeover #cloudwall #foryou #ledlights

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@Supitscaleb’s pink and purple cloud wall received over 77,000 likes and 537,000 views.


This is lowkey cool as s*** what y’all think ? #fyp #wallcloud #cloudwall

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Cloud ceilings are another alternative. The associated hashtag #CloudCeiling accrued over 8.7 million views.

@pjofficial’s cotton candy-looking ceiling garnered over 217,000 likes and 1.1 million views.


How’d I do? Blow this up for a tutorial! #fyp #clouds #cloudceiling #cloudwall #trending

♬ Small Worlds – Mac Miller

Most of these videos are tutorials. The items used are typically: LED strip lights, hot glue, poster boards, tape, and premium polyester fiber filling. It’s probably best to make sure these items don’t become a fire hazard at any point and time.


Reply to @travis for those asking, #fyp #wallcloud #cloudwall #viral

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More examples:


took forever and ran out of glue but she pretty #SelfImprovement #cloudwall #led

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#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #cloudwall #cloud #roomdecor #design

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