The Brief: TikTok's new take on "The Woah" is a dance move called the "Clock Woah."


“Clock Woah” is a clapping-based dance move that became popular through a TikTok meme. The move itself involves circling one’s hands like a clock, clapping, and doing a mini version of “The Woah” at the end. On TikTok, the hashtag #ClockWoah has been viewed over 157 million times and the song it’s based on has been tagged in over 2.1 million videos.

Clock Woah TikTok dance challenge videos are set to the song “Gordon Ramsay” by HL Wave, featuring Jhonny flames. The lyrics featured in these videos go:

“She can’t clap without her hands?

Oh you can keep that hoe…

If she can’t clap without her hands then I don’t want that b**ch

I feel like Gordon Ramsay how I flip my f**king wrist

If your hoe’s been in my inbox then I block her quick…”

While these lyrics are certainly NSFW and riddled with sexual references like cheek clapping, the dance itself is appropriate and straightforward. The Clock Woah TikTok dance picks up on the popularity of the #HitTheWoah challenge, combining fun replicable moves with a song that has strong beats, sharp lyrics, and clapping sound effects.

Many tutorial videos can be found on TikTok and YouTube that walk through this move step-by-step.