The Brief: TikTokers are recreating the voiceover from Playboi Carti's song "Shawty In Love" in the "Carti I Wanna Go To Pluto" trend where they spark a lighter and deliver a dramatic monologue.


In mid-May 2020, @probsurdad started the “Carti I Wanna Go To Pluto” trend on TikTok. @probsurdad’s original video shows her sparking a lighter and saying the opening voiceover from Playboi Carti’s Song “Shawty In Love,” which goes:

“What are you talking about? (I’m tired)
I do want to go but I can’t (Beep)
(I’m tired)
I wanna go
Carti, I wanna go to Pluto with you
Carti, I wanna go to Pluto”

In a subsequent video, @probsurdad explained how she created this effect, combining the instrumental version of “Shawty In Love” with TikTok’s megaphone voice effect. This recreates a similar sound to the original song, which features Lala Baptiste speaking as if she’s leaving a voicemail to Carti.

This trend has taken off on TikTok where creators spark a lighter and either say the same lines or use the effect for their own over-dramatic monologue. TikTokers are using the effect to comment on mundane, absurd, and serious subjects alike. At the time of writing, over 282,000 videos using @probsurdad’s audio clip can be found on TikTok.

‘Carti I Wanna Go To Pluto’ On TikTok

Jackie James used this effect to callout people who posted a black square on social media without engaging in any other activism.


#voiceeffects your fake activism is showing #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage

♬ cArTi I wAnNa Go To PluTo – rach


i’ve been laughing so hard at this ahh #fyp #foryou #voiceeffects #imconfused #JustDanceMoves

♬ cArTi I wAnNa Go To PluTo – rach


good morning I don’t condone bullying but I’m too far gone so 🙂 #fyp #foryou #xyzbca

♬ cArTi I wAnNa Go To PluTo – rach

A popular iteration of this trend involves getting family members to read the lyrics with the voice effect, like in this video featuring Brooke Shields and her daughter.


#greenscreen #voiceeffects she took this job seriously #fyp

♬ cArTi I wAnNa Go To PluTo – rach