The Brief: The #BuiltDifferent trend on TikTok sees creators illustrating how they are "built different" while poking fun at controversial topics.


The #BuiltDifferent trend on TikTok sees creators positioning themselves in the wildest scenarios and how they’d simply escape or beat it because they are “built different.” These videos are intended to be funny while tackling serious topics like, racial stereotypes, gender norms, misogyny, and historical/current events.

In these videos, TikTokers typically point a finger at their gun (bicep), point a toy gun at the camera, or flip off the camera while on-screen text showcases the skills that make them elite. These skills illustrate how they are able to tackle an issue. These videos are also marked by TikTok’s “Disco” or “Earthquake” effect. They began growing in popularity in late July.


These videos are usually performed to AzChike’s “Burn Rubber Again” Remix feat. ALMIGHTYSUSPECT.  There are over 37,000 videos linked to the sound on the app, majority being the #BuiltDifferent trend.


He a opp what the f*ck I’m gon fight for?
Shed light on yo block with this lightpole
Dumb n*gga, Broke Boy, pockets lypo
All caps you sucking d*ck, it’s not a typo, aye

Some takes on the trend are performed to “Don’t Like” Remix by Chief Keef featuring Kanye West, Pusha T, Jadakiss, and Big Sean.


The qualities in the #BuiltDifferent trend are typically listed in the same format as a video game character. Typically, the skills list begins with “built: different” or “breed,” followed by a noun broken up into two words, separated by a colon. Ex: Sus: pect, Race: ist, Dis: ability to bring the smoke. Some skills include company names and/or services, like “Amazon: Prime” or “State: Farm.”

TikTok builtdifferent #BuiltDifferent

These videos are intended to be funny. Many of the themes surrounding #BuiltDifferent TikToks appear to take aim at racial stereotypes, gender norms, misogyny, atrocities(the Holocaust, slavery), and current events. TikTokers claim they can change the discourse or solve an issue around these themes by using their elite skillset.

Mary’s Virginity:


on god #fyp #foryoupage #foryou

♬ original sound – hęllaudios



Massa not ready bruh 😤😤 #fyp #xyzbca #foryoupage #viral #foryou

♬ original sound – hęllaudios



😤#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #jokes #xzyabc #viral #different #BeautyTutorial PremiosJuventudChallenge #WholeNewGame #newyork

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Jeffrey Epstein:


get rocked #disco #epstein #will #perish #fyp #wholelottagangshit

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On the other hand, some videos are created with the sole purpose of being controversial:


Tell COVID to bring the other 18 because I’m simply unstoppable 😈 #builtdifferent

♬ original sound – hęllaudios

The trend is also becoming a meme, as creators are also indicating they are “built different” in completely unrelated videos.

TikTok built different #builtdifferent
TikTok/ anania00

this was a lot funnier in my head #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #genz #america

♬ original sound – anania00