The Brief: TikTokers are pretending to bite off their fingers and chew them as part of an increasingly popular TikTok trend.


TikTokers are playing a trick on their viewers by pretending to bite off their fingers and chew on them. These videos are not real. TikToks are performing an optical illusion. They actually bend their fingers as they pretend to nibble on them. These tricks are performed to audio of TikToker @ASMRbytempest chewing on a pepper. There are over 18,900 videos linked to the sound. The trend started growing in popularity on Aug. 31.

Creator @Itzskylerpaul’s video was an incredibly popular take. The video of him chowing down on his middle finger was so convincing, he even fooled himself, captioning the TikTok, “I’m impressed.” It received over 218,000 likes and 1.2 million views.


I’m impressed #foryoupage #foryou #foru

♬ original sound – AsmrbyTempest

@Sweet_rakkell16’s video was another believable take. It saw her munching on her middle finger. The video garnered over 617,000 likes and 7.2 million views.


#FunFact It takes the same amount of pressure to bite off a finger as it does to bite a πŸ₯• But the pain receptors in our brain don’t let us

♬ original sound – asmrbytempest

Some TikTokers videos were less convincing…



♬ original sound – asmrbytempest

The trend is becoming increasingly popular. There are even tutorials for anyone who want to take a stab at the trick.


There ya go πŸ‘‹πŸ½ #fyp #tutorial #fingerbitechallenge #fingerbitetutorial #AirheadsDitchChallenge #ShowAndTell #TimeforTENET

♬ original sound – asmrbytempest