The Brief: TikTokers are making memes with the Ben 10 theme song, doing a series of dance moves, and showing a set of pictures to make jokes.


TikTokers are using the introduction to the Ben 10 theme song in memes about various subjects. These videos are set to a “Ben 10 Trap Remix” which was uploaded to TikTok by user @modagoatt. The lyrics included in the clip go “It started when an alien device did what it did/And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid.”


Too true #greenscreen

♬ Ben 10 Trap Remix by Modagoatt – Mo🐐

Ben 10 TikTok memes often feature someone twisting their watch (a reference to Ben 10’s watch), licking their hand, and then slapping their wrist. Text typically outlines a situation, saying “when…” and then a series of pictures illustrate what happens next. Some TikTokers have used this trend as an opportunity to show off their Ben 10 novelty watches.


I always knew this watch would pay off🀧 #ben10

♬ Ben 10 Trap Remix by Modagoatt – modagoatt

This trend started appearing in June 2020 and rose to prominence in July. At the time of writing, over 28,000 videos have been made using @modagoatt’s sound. These videos are particularly popular on Straight TikTok and often make sexual references.


we love a toxic queen SlurpeeSummer #TikTokFanFest #LetsFaceIt #PostAMemory #WhatsUpDocChallenge #fyp #ben10

♬ Ben10 Trap Intro – sheriff_alex

Although this trend isn’t inherently problematic, it’s often used to perpetuate harmful and inappropriate content. One of the early adopters of this trend @danthecooldude has used the sound to post videos “joking” about domestic violence, one of which has been viewed over 2 million times. Other TikTokers use the sound and watch twisting dance moves to promote toxic diet culture or to joke about traditional and submissive gender roles for women.

Ben 10 TikTok Memes

The Ben 10 TikTok meme is an example of a trend fueled by childhood nostalgia among Gen Z-ers. Ben 10 is a Cartoon Network show about a boy who uses a watch device, the Omnitrix, to transform into 10 different kinds of aliens. The show first aired in 2005 and episodes are still in production along with an upcoming movie.


then the celebs got involved and it died 😜 #fyp #foryou #ColorCustomizer #greenscreen

♬ Ben 10 Trap Remix by Modagoatt – modagoatt


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♬ Ben 10 Trap Remix by Modagoatt – modagoatt


This is all I remember watching growing up with my dad #greenscreen #dad #tv #childhood #dadthings #fyp

♬ Ben 10 Trap Remix by Modagoatt – modagoatt


#greenscreen #fyp #parati #lol #tea #bestfriend

♬ Ben 10 Trap Remix by Modagoatt – modagoatt