The Brief: The Baka TikTok trend sees creators saying "Baka" in various tones after playing a clip of DJ Purpberry's (Chopped and Screwed) version of Lil Uzi Vert's “20 Min."


The latest trend is characterized by creators captioning their video “Heard we’re using our own voice.” These TikToks primarily focus on the audio, which is DJ Purpberry’s (Chopped and Screwed) version of Lil Uzi Vert’s “20 Min.” The audio then features a cut of someone saying the word “Baka” in various tones.

“Baka” is the Japanese word for “foolish” or “crazy.” According to, “Baka” is used as a joke and insult among Western anime fans. These videos are meant to be funny, as the delivery of “Baka” is usually in an unexpected manner. Some creators have gone as far as to swap “Baka” for an entirely different insult. These videos began growing in popularity around Aug. 19. There are over 1 million videos linked to the audio on TikTok. Many other trends are also linked to the audio.


Twenty more minutes until I gotta go
So, I told that girl that I’m gonna slaughter it

@DevinBui’s sultry version received over 596,000 likes 2.7 million views, and a slew of commenters asking if that was his real voice.

@TheRealTati took a much more comical take. Her video garnered over 553,000 likes and 1.3 million views.


Re uploading because y’all wanted an audio.

♬ original sound – HI I’M TATI 💕

@Wh0.nia’s video was one of the most popular version amassing over 862,000 likes and 2.9 million views.

Other takes:


I CANBTBRBDBB MY MIC COULDNT HANDLE IT #fyp #foryou #anime #baka #weeb