The Brief: The Anime Eyes TikTok memes see creators poking fun at contradictory and ironic statements.


TikTokers are using the app’s Anime Eyes filter to create memes that typically poke fun at situations in which an individual has done the bare minimum. Other videos poke fun at contradictory or ironic statements and/or scenarios. These videos are set to the Skins theme song composed by Segal. There are over 56,900 videos linked to the audio on the app.

The Anime Eyes filter makes a creators’ eyes look very big and sparkly. When the filter is paired with a caption, it makes for an amusing result. For example, many of these memes mock parents, like this one calling out parents for treating their sons and daughters differently.

Here’s another taking aim at parents who think removing a child’s cell will magically improve their mental health


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♬ sonido original – ivl21

This one playfully mocks the charming, yet shy Y/N fanfic trope.

TikTok isn’t safe from the trends created on its own platform. This video calls out developers for their strategic placement of the app’s logo on downloadable videos.

Other takes:


♬ sonido original – ivl21


πŸ˜’ #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ sonido original – ivl21