The Brief: TikTokers are poking fun at actor and singer Aidan Gallagher's new song "She" by creating fake movie casting updates performed to a mix of Børns' "Electric Love" and Gallagher's "She."


After Umbrella Academy actor Aidan Gallagher is at the center of “lauv” memes after he performed his new song “She” on Instagram Live. Fans thought his pronunciation of the word “love” sounded more like “lauv” or “loaf.”

The latest Aidan Gallagher memes are in the form of “Live-Action Cast Release” TikToks. These videos typically see TikTokers sharing their fake casting announcements with photos of various celebrities performed to Børns‘ “Electric Love” mixed into Gallagher’s “She.”


Baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle
I can’t let you go now that I got it
And all I need is to be struck
By your electric love

When Børns sings the word “love,” the audio cuts to Gallagher singing “love.” TikTokers usually insert a picture of Aidan Gallagher at that point.

The audio is linked back to creator @Txbrah’s Aug. 14 video, which featured the caption, “Idk if anyone has made this sound before so I made it again 🙂 #electriclove #lauvbyloaf #lauvlauvlauvlauvlrrrr #børns #alttiktok #aidangallagher.” The video received over 965,000 likes and 3.7 million views.

There are over 54,000 videos linked to the mix. Here are other popular takes: