The Brief: Samsung's rejected virtual assistant Samantha (Sam for short) is becoming a popular figure online -- inspiring many memes.


Samsung almost had a virtual assistant named Samantha — Sam for short. The animated figure is garnering a lot of attention for her looks.

According to Polygon, a design firm named Lightfarm created these images with a marketing company owned by Samsung, but the product did not become part of any campaign. Regardless, internet users can’t stop talking about her.

The virtual assistant’s perky-looking demeanor and charm has prompted many to make memes about her and the future of Samsung.

Some predict the end of iPhone’s reign.

They are done for
byu/BGBOT_Gaming indankmemes

She’s changing lives in more ways than one.

Others are poking fun at one another for being down bad.

I’m gonna step on some toes with this one
byu/_Dragon_Gamer_ inteenagers

A few NSFW and risqué memes.

Reddit is horny now
byu/randomphilia696925 indankmemes

If Pornhub was run by reddit memers
byu/ShubhamG77 indankmemes

This doesn’t concern us!!
byu/the_king11 inteenagers

Not everyone on Reddit, is fond of Sam.

Reject Sam, return to sexy toaster(Ignore my username 4)
byu/ToasterFucker69 indankmemes

Sam is also popular on TikTok. There are parody accounts made using a variation of her name and picture. The hashtag #SamsungGirl has accrued over 27.5 million views.

Here are cosplays of her, too.

Samsung Assistant!? || #samsung #samsunggirl #samsungassistant #foryou #samsunggalaxy

♬ Shake That Ass – Lil.Eaarl


#samsung #samsunggirl

♬ “Shake that A$$” by KueenD – 🦾