The Brief: Mumble rap is a subgenre of hip-hop known for its slurred enunciation and simplistic lyrics.


Mumble rap is a controversial form of hip-hop that emerged in the early 2010s. While the seeds of mumble rap were planted by artists such as Lil Wayne, Future, Chief Keef, Migos and Young Thug, the term is most commonly used to describe a newer generation of rappers, the majority of which found fame by releasing their music on Soundcloud. Artists synonymous with mumble rap include Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, and Playboi Carti, who bragged in a song that he “bought a crib for mama” off the money he made mumble rapping.

Mumble rap is characterized by unintelligible and repetitive lyrics usually pertaining to money, women, and drugs. Mumble rap songs are also known for their ad-libs, such as “Aye” or “Yuh,”  which are improvised background vocals repeated throughout the song.

While some regard mumble rap as an exciting evolution of hip-hop, rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and J.Cole have taken issue with it, dunking on the subgenre and its most famous artists. 

Snoop Dogg impersonates today’s “rap”
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Lyrics from Eminem's "The Ringer"

Lyrics from Eminem's "The Ringer"

Lyrics from J. Cole's "1985"

On the other hand, Kanye West has embraced the trend, making the song “I Love It” with Lil Pump and “Panda”  with the nearly incomprehensible rapper Desiigner.