The lyrics contain swear words, sexual references, and drug references.

The Brief: Here's a run-down on DJ Mustard and Migos's collaboration, "Pure Water."


Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff of Migos collaborated with DJ Mustard for a new hit single,  “Pure Water.” This hip hop tune is fast-moving, positive, and catchy. The title seems to be a reference to “ice” and “drip.” See below for definitions of these terms and others from the song.

Slang Terms In Pure Water:

Several slang terms are used throughout the song in reference to pop culture, wealth, luxury lifestyle, recreational drug use, and dating.

  • Drip – as if something is dripping in luxury and cool.
  • Ice – diamonds.
  • Ice Chain – a chain encrusted with diamonds.
  • Bag – usually a reference to a sum of money.
  • Skrrt – one of Migos’s favorite sound effects this onomatopoeia mimics the sound of tires screeching or a car drifting.
  • Brick – can refer to a brick-shaped bundle of cash or drugs.
  • THOT – an abbreviation for “that hoe over there” is a pejorative for a sexually promiscuous woman.
  • Rari – a Ferrari.
  • Backwoods – a popular brand of cigar to roll blunts with.
  • Snake – someone to keep an eye out for.

Pop culture references in the song included a mention of the racecar driver Ricky Bobby from the movie Talladega Nights“In the lobby with a brick, I’m Ricky Bobby with your b*tch.” There were several sports metaphors and references as well, including references to slam dunks.