The Brief: Teejayx6 is an 18-year-old scam rapper from Detroit known for his music which details scams he claims to have carried out.


Teejayx6, real name unknown, hails from the East Side of Detroit. He’s known for rapping extensively about credit card fraud, identity theft, the dark web, and other scams.  Because his music contains such explicit details about the fraud-based scams he’s allegedly executed, Teejayx6 is arguably the biggest name in the scam rap genre.

He is known for his offbeat flow and some of his songs sound more like an instructional tutorial on scamming than anything else.

Fans of Teejay should beware that they themselves could get caught up in once of his scams. He’s talked about selling T-Shirts to fans and never delivering them as well as selling unverified PDF’s on “how to scam.”

The “x6” in his name is a reference to the MSR X6 magnetic card reader and encoder, an important component of a scammer’s toolkit.

In interviews, Teejayx6 appears largely unconcerned about the potential legal repercussions for the crimes he describes in his music, saying in an interview with Pitchfork: “Sometimes I’m scared. But they can’t pin nothing on me. Everything I rap about has already happened, so they can’t get me on nothing. I would never stop rapping about scamming unless I was forced to.”

At a show in LA, the rapper appeared to have been escorted offstage by U.S. Marshalls, but this has largely been written off as a hoax orchestrated by Teejay himself.

Teejay claims to have been scamming since age 12 when he would pretend to sell merchandise on Twitter, collecting money from adults but never shipping any goods.

Teejayx6’s top tracks include “Dark Web,” “Profiles,” “Blackmail,” and “Swipe Lesson.”  “His latest mixtape is titled Fraudulent Activity.