The Brief: The "Ya Ya Ya Challenge" on TikTok is marked by creators repeating the same motion over and over again.


The #YaYaYaChallenge on TikTok is stopping TikTokers in their tracks, kind of… The new trend is characterized by TikTokers stopping mid-motion and then repeating that motion over and over again. It’s almost as if they are stuck on repeat. The trend is set to Migos’ “Bad and Boujee.” The audio on the app is linked to over 422,000 videos. The associated hashtag #YaYaYa has over 14.6 million views and #YaYaYaChallenge has over 1.9 million views.  The trend began growing in popularity in late June 2020.

The trend and audio traces back to a June 1st video by creator @Emann_hh. The video which featured @Emann_hh milly rocking before stopping and repeating the same motion. The TikTok video was captioned, “What constantly repeating yourself looks like.” The video was a hit, garnering over 4.5 million views and 599,000 likes.

Many creators hopped on the trend sharing videos that found them repeating themselves in humorous and creative ways, like this video of @SwaeLee shaking a bottle of orange juice.  The video was watched over 10.2 million times and received over 1.3 million likes.


when the label says ‘shake well’🤣 @swaelee @javierr @matthewjgl @themichaeluy

♬ Hott Headzz Ya Ya Ya – 🌴🔥 Emann 🐐🌴

TikToker @.katiesmith.ghssoftball and her cat’s #YaYaYaChallenge proved to be a hit, receiving over 2.8 million likes and 14 million views.


my cat is fireeee#ShaveItOff #fyp #Summer2020 #foryoupage #cat

♬ Hott Headzz Ya Ya Ya – 🌴🔥 Emann 🐐🌴

Other TikTokers threw items in the air…


Если годный контент будет набирать много лайков, буду делать чаще 😉

♬ Hott Headzz Ya Ya Ya – 🌴🔥 Emann 🐐🌴

Or, they just threw it back.


waiting for the uber tingz #fyp #Summer2020

♬ Hott Headzz Ya Ya Ya – 🌴🔥 Emann 🐐🌴

Here are other unique takes:


okay jason GO OFF @jasonderulo

♬ Hott Headzz Ya Ya Ya – 🌴🔥 Emann 🐐🌴


yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ❤️

♬ sonido original – 👽👽👽


i forced him to do this with me 😇😂@yvyboo // what drink should i use next time?

♬ Hott Headzz Ya Ya Ya – 🌴🔥 Emann 🐐🌴