The Brief: "Work from Home" memes are in full effect as people post comedic pictures to display how ecstatic they are about being able to work from the comfort of their own homes because of the Coronavirus outbreak.


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home for the time being in order to avoid the high risk of the disease spreading throughout even more so.

Many joyful employees are taking to their personal social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter to show their excitement for not having to come into their offices. According to NPR, the average American’s commute to work is roughly 27 minutes but there are 14 million other Americans who travel up to an hour or more to get to their respective jobs on time.

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Most people have chosen to posts pictures of themselves in their humble abodes while others are pairing original memes with the leisurely lifestyle that is working remotely. Some memes are from popular scenes within American sitcoms while others are just checklists of comedically spot-on facts about what actually happens when employees are able to stay in on a rainy day.

Some people are even sharing their own thoughts on how working from home could potentially increase efficiency throughout the corporate workforce. Despite the deadly Coronavirus outbreak that has affected approximately 113,000 people, many Americans are trying to look on the bright side through memes when it comes to how the virus has harmed society and the daily activities that customarily go along with America’s work culture.


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