The Brief: The "What TikTok Sees, What Everyone Else Sees" trend makes fun of users who perform TikTok dances in public places.


Dancing in public is a staple of straight TikTok. As one might expect, performing fast arm movements and throwing it back in a shopping mall takes a whole lot of courage. TikTokers are making fun at this trend by taking part in the “What TikTok Sees, What Everyone Else Sees” also known as “What TikTok Sees, What My Neighbor Sees” trend.

Most of these videos are performed to a cover of Rihanna’s “Take A Bow” which features the lyrics, “You look so dumb right now.” These videos poke fun at the fact that dance videos are comprised of non-traditional dance movements and receive more clout when done in public.

These videos started becoming a trend on the app in late June 2020, but trace back to May 2020, like this video of creator @ashlaroo recording comparing what TikTok sees to what her security camera sees.

Shay Mitchell compared her glamours looking dance videos, complete with a fan and glitter effects to the IRL version.


What you see vs. what everyone else sees 🀣 #POV #povs #tiktokvsreality #bts

♬ Take a Bow – Audiogroove

@Dexrated shared his funny experience shooting TikToks on a sidewalk.


The REALITY of it all! hahaha #makesomeonesmile #fyp

♬ original sound – Dexter Mayfield

Other takes:


who else gets shy when filming tiktoks in public? 🀭

♬ Take a Bow – Audiogroove