The Brief: As the Quarantine has many people locked indoors, Twitter users are organizing a virtual #TwitterProm event to keep the spirits up for younger students whose proms have gotten canceled over the COVID-19 pandemic.


Since everyone in the United States is on lockdown, Twitter users are attempting to heighten other’s spirits with a virtual Twitter Prom event so young people don’t feel discouraged over their High School Proms being canceled.

Organized by a single Twitter user, #TwitterProm was born shortly after a tweet was posted that outlined the open-invite event being hosted on Saturday, March 25th. A Discord chatting room was created in the same thread of this tweet which will be the platform social media users can show off their prom outfits on while talking to thousands of other people who have joined in on the Discord server. Approximately 200,000 people liked the idea of this event and roughly 6,000 people are on the actual Discord platform ready to dress to the nines and ask another virtual friend out on a prom date.

Even people who have surpassed their school-age years are ready to participate in the online Prom event:

The time of the actual event hasn’t been decided yet but many users are excited about what is to come for the future of #TwitterProm and how it is allowing people to be more connected even during trialing times such as a nationwide quarantine.

#TwitterProm Memes: