The Brief: Many students all over the world are disappointed over the fact that their educational institutions are canceling their graduations entirely or converting the ceremonies into virtual graduations due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Imagine being a senior college student or a soon-to-be high school graduate and the educational ceremony you have been waiting for your entire life is canceled, postponed, or even conducted online because of a global pandemic. Well, that is many student’s current realities because of the spread of the Coronavirus that has impacted almost every facet of everyday life.

California schools such as the University of California, Los Angeles, and San Jose State University have canceled their graduations altogether while other United States’ schools are postponing their graduations until further notice. Many students are taking their frustrations to the internet while others are trying to find solutions to an unfortunate occurrence that affected one of their life milestones.

Many millennials and Gen Zers are posting virtual graduation memes on Twitter and Instagram to try and lighten up a disappointing situation that is completely out of everyone’s control at the moment.

Virtual Graduation Memes:

me_irl from me_irl


Other soon-to-be graduates are finding simple ways to celebrate their educational achievements: