The Brief: A screenshot from Tory Lanez's Latest Instagram Live session is becoming a meme. Twitter users are using the screengrab of his smiling face cocked to the side to represent feelings of excitement or attraction.


Rapper Tory Lanez is becoming a meme on Twitter. A screenshot of his face smiling while cocked to one side is being used on Twitter to signify excitement or attraction. The moment originated from Tory Lane’z Instagram Live session held on April 10.

The rapper hosts #QuarantineRadio where he plays music, hosts celebrities guests like Drake, Megan the Stallion, Chris Brown, and most recently Lizzo. He also holds twerking competitions that where he gives away thousands of dollars to the top competitor. His Instagram Live session has received over 350,000 viewers at one time. Please note, some aspects of the video is NSFW or suitable for children.

At one point in the live, Tory Lanez asked a guest how they were doing with a sweet expression on his face. He then cocked his head to the side with a huge grin on his face.

A screenshot of his smiling face then started circulating Twitter. Users posted the photo of Tory Lanez’s wide toothed grin to represent feelings of excitement or unabashed attraction.

Tory Lanez Smiling Memes