The Brief: Simi Valley Police Department's "Choose Your Character" TikTok video showcasing different law enforcement officials and their weapons was received poorly by Twitter users on May 12.


On May 12, Simi Valley Police Department attempted TikTok’s “Choose Your Character” trend. It is marked by creators changing their outfits while swaying back and forth, like avatars in a video game. The trend was first spotted on TikTok in November 2018 by @alextattoo.

The Simi Valley Police Department’s video, filed under #CopsOfTikTok, featured the text, “Choose Your Officer” at the top, while the officer showcased uniforms and weapons belonging to different law enforcement officials (patrol, bike cop, SWAT, and pandemic).


Choose Your Character. #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #characterselect #chooseyourcharacter #cops #copsoftiktok

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The video may have been created as an attempt to relate to youth, but considering America’s pained history involving police brutality against unarmed Black and Brown people, the video appeared tone deaf to many.

Some Twitter users reminded others of events where police exercised excessive force against American citizens.

Others responded with memes representing their opposition to the video.

The replies contained very were few tweets in support of the video.