The Brief: Creators are using the "Reality Ripple" effect on TikTok to check for paranormal activity in their homes. The effect is trending on TikTok.


Creators are certain TikTok’s “Reality Ripple” effect is revealing ghosts in their homes, sort of…. The effect leaves a color gradient where it detects movement.  These videos are currently trending on TikTok, with the effect being used in over 265,000 videos and garnering over 464 million views.

On May 20, creator @elijahdaniel used the effect to check if there was any paranormal activity in his room. When the ripple appeared on screen, he yelled, “Who are you? You don’t pay rent. Get Out!” The audio is now being used across several “Ripple Effect” videos under the name “Ghosts In Your Room Check.” It is linked to over 16,000 videos.

A popular video comes from creator @helloojaime. She revealed that her husband passed away a year ago in their home and wanted to see if there was any movement from him. Her video received over 920,000 likes and 9 million views.


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♬ original sound – gingerslunt

Creator @gingerslunt shared a similar video, saying a little girl Claire haunts her home. A small multi-colored “Reality Ripple” effect can be spotted at the end of the TikTok video.


I tried to wait till 3am BUT YOOO CLAIRE IS THAT YOU??? #realityripple #ghost #ghostchallenge #haunted #hauntedtiktok #fyp #fypシ

♬ original sound – gingerslunt

There’s no proof as to whether the “Reality Ripple” effect can actually detect paranormal activity, but the app playfully encourages creators to “use our new Creative Effect and show us the #RealityRipple in your world, whether it’s a ghost in your room, or a door to another dimension.”


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