The Brief: TikTok's June 2020 #SleepChallenge sees creators collapsing while performing day to day activities.


The June 2020 #SleepChallenge features TikTokers suddenly crashing to the floor in the middle of doing random activities, as if overcome with narcolepsy. The trend is performed to “Snake” by Lil Keed. The stunts and pranks performed in these videos are intended to be humorous, but could lead to serious harm.

Many of these videos can be found under the hashtag #SleepChallenge, which has over 296 million views. There are various #SleepChallenges that have appeared on the app prior to the June 2020 trend. These particular videos became popular on the app in mid-June.

One of the most popular takes on the trend is by creator @Trevor_wilson_ . On June 16, he shared a video of himself walking next to a pond and suddenly collapsing into it on June 16. The video received over 4.2 million likes and was viewed over 24.7 million times.


Goodnight #sleepchallenge #sleep #funny #fyp

♬ Snake – Lil Keed

TikToker and acrobat @Sidneykobe24’s take on the sleep challenge is a unique twist, literally. The high flying performer launches into a stunt, before dropping to the floor while mid-air. The video received over 24,000 likes and was viewed over 344,000 times.


How did I do? Goodnight 💤 #sleepchallenge #fyp #funny #LaughPause #wwe #flips #nxt

♬ Snake – Lil Keed

User @yvngbull97’s sleep challenge video showcases him falling asleep while stocking shelves in a Walmart. It was viewed over 571,000 times and received over 64,000 likes.


#walmart edition Pt. 2 😴 #sleepchallenge #4you #fyp #foryoupage please don’t let this flop 😭👉👈

♬ original sound – zayhd

Other takes:


I can’t sleep without my 🧸 😴 #sleepchallenge #martialarts #fypchallenge #foryoupage

♬ Snake – Lil Keed


Work got me likeee😭💀😴 #foru #sleepchallenge #foryou

♬ original sound – 218705quondo