The Brief: TikTok's upgraded duet feature (up and down) allows creators to use the feature horizontally, leading to a new type of trend on the app.


TikTok effects and features can take a video to the next level, a well as launch an entirely new trend. The app’s upgraded duet feature gives TikTokers the option of splitting the screen horizontally, instead of just vertical. Typically, TikTokers use the feature along with a video of an individual dancing. These types if videos are meant to be humorous.

TikTok trends, like much of internet culture, is comprised of users who have a shared understanding. They participate as part of a shared community experience and are in on the joke. Thanks to the simple nature of a horizontal TikTok duet, it is easy for many to join in, subsequently creating a new type of trend, altogether.

One of the most popular type of horizontal duets is the cashier trend, which saw TikTokers pretending to check out customers at various stores after creator @amberylee77’s video of her hands quickly scanning items at a register grew in popularity on the app. The video was essentially made to goviral, as the creator’s upper body wasn’t visible and the caption read: “Duet me.” At the time of publication, the video was viewed over 17.8 million times. It also saw duets from some of the most popular creators, like @Adamrayokay’s Rosa and @SnarkyMarky, as well as animal accounts, like @Alvintheminibully.


#duet with @amberylee77 thought i would hop on this trend 🤪

♬ Cashier Challenge – Amber


#duet with @amberylee77 #walter #target #targetdog #bullterrier #boredaf #filipino #quarantine #targetwalter #fyp

♬ Cashier Challenge – amberylee77

There’s also the Irish dance duet, which is currently having a moment. While dancer @Marypapageorge didn’t request duets, the video showcases her impressive dance skills which use just the bottom-half of her body. It practically begs to be duetted. Her Irish dance video, which was viewed over 9.6 million times, was duetted by teens and celebrities, including Jason Derulo and DJ Marshmello.


Tiktok made me do it 😂 @marypapageorge

♬ Fergalicious – Fergie


#duet with @marypapageorge Too easy. Who wants to dance battle?

♬ Fergalicious – Fergie

Other horizontal duets:


#duet with @shayy_pillayy

♬ original sound – shayy_pillayy


no caption needed. @shayy_pillayy

♬ original sound – shayy_pillayy