The Brief: TikTokers are predicting major milestones in their lives by adding captions over TikTok's "Bad Luck Predictions" feature.


TikTokers are creating their own twisted fate by writing their own captions over TikTok‘s “Bad Luck Predictions.” The original feature reveals when a user will be cursed with bad luck, but creators are adding on-screen text to predict other major milestones, like death. The technology features a tombstone with the caption, “This Friday the 13th you will receive a [X amount] of bad luck.” The “Bad Luck Predictions” feature has been around since at least May 2020, but this trend began growing in popularity around mid-July 2020. Some of these videos are also performed to Sza & Kendrick Lamar’s “All The Stars.”

@Hope_schwing’s modified the feature to predict when she will die. It determined 30 seconds later. She then got a bloody nose and proceeded to pray. This video received over 6.7 million likes and 30.2 million views.



♬ original sound – Hope Schwing

@Taylinss’ video revealed when he would lose his virginity — in 30 seconds, as determined by the app. At the same time, a much older gentleman walked into the room. His video received over 2.1 million likes and was watched over 7.8 million times.


terrible timing

♬ original sound – 813sebastian

@Nicemichael’s video revealed he had 5 seconds left to live. He’s then seen swinging his fists at no one. the video received over 233,000 likes and 734,000 views.


not a chance, you’ll never catch me lackin

♬ original sound – 813sebastian

Other takes:


final Face Reveal I guess

♬ Famous (I’m the One) – Mozzy & IAMSU!


#fyp accept your fate

♬ bored by billie – zariwiththebaris


I think it’s trying to tell me something

♬ original sound – 813sebastian