The Brief: TikTokers are using the Face Zoom effect on TikTok to prove they aren't "ugly." The trend started by @babysnitchery began as a hack to take better selfies with your phone's front-facing camera.


TikTokers are using a new trend on TikTok to prove they aren’t as “ugly” as the front-facing selfie camera makes them look. The Face Zoom trend on TikTok started when beauty vlogger @BabySnitchery demonstrated how to take better selfies in a TikTok beauty tutorial.

In her initial video, @BabySnitchery advised creators to stop taking selfies super close to their face, and instead, outstretch their arm, and then zoom in. The video received over 173,000 likes and 961,000 views on TikTok.

@babysnitcherythe selfie hack everyone should know tbh ##fyp ##foryou ##beautytips♬ original sound – peachyッ

It also amassed 200,000 likes, 20,500 retweets, and over 2.6 million views on Twitter.

While the hack received a lot of praise, there were skeptics. @BabySnitchery followed-up with another video, this time using the “Face Zoom” effect on TikTok. “If y’all still don’t think your front cams are playing you and that you’re taking your selfies wrong, I will prove it,” she said before using the effect while holding the camera close to her face. She slowly pulled it back to reveal more of her features.@BabySnitchery’s video received over 421,000 likes and 3.4 million views within a day of posting (April 16).

@babysnitcheryfor the nonbelievers saying they look the same both ways… try it 😈 ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – babysnitchery

TikTokers jumped on the hack, starting the face zoom trend to prove they aren’t ugly. At the time of publication, @BabySnitchery’s audio is linked to over 21,800 videos and growing.

@dr.hunterfinnGo from a 3 to a 4 real quick ##stayhomestaystrong ##zoommyface ##facezoom♬ original sound – babysnitchery
@rojoshawtyTECHNOLOGY. LIED. I FEEL BETRAYED. Y’ALL GUNNA TEACH ME HOW TO DOUBLE CLICK THE HOME BUTTON BUT NOT ABOUT THIS WITCH CRAFT ##fyp ##foryou ##frontcamera♬ original sound – babysnitchery

While many are dispelling the front-facing camera’s deceptive photos, others are poking fun at the minimal changes they see in their appearance after trying the trend.

@spicyicywifeyThe moment is realized I’m FUCKING UGLY LMAOOOOOOOOO♬ original sound – babysnitchery
@emmalangevinWHY MY NOSE LOOK LIKE THAT ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage♬ original sound – babysnitchery