The Brief: TikTokers are convincing their parents to pretend they've fallen down in order to help their child get out of a speeding ticket.


TikTokers are testing how far their parents will go to protect them by convincing their parents to pretend they’ve fallen down as a means of getting their child out of a speeding ticket. Typically, TikTokers begin the video by telling their parent they’ve been pulled over for driving too fast and were able to get out of the ticket by telling the officer they were rushing home to help their parent who has fallen.

These videos are intended to be humorous and appear to be well-received by viewers, although many TikTokers admit their parents weren’t very happy with them in their video descriptions and/or comment sections. These videos began appearing on TikTok around July 15, before being reshared on Twitter.

@jaden_pink_greenPrank on my mom😂🤣 ##prank ##foryou ##xyzbca ##dontletthisflop♬ original sound – jaden_pink_green

While there isn’t an associated hashtag or linked sound to track the number of videos appearing on TikTok, the very high amount of likes and views on the app paired with the high amount of engagement once the content has platform hopped to Twitter indicates the likelihood that this is a budding trend.

The trend has evolved to include the prank being played on significant others as well.


MY HUSBAND’S A REAL ONE FOR THIS😂😂💕 #foryou #fyp #prank #policeprank #tiktok #couples

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When your wife fakes a pregnancy so you dont get arrested🤣#policeprank #prank #pulledover #pulledoverchallenge #coupleprank #viral #pregnant #foryou

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