The Brief: TikTok's "Greedy For Treasure" dance by creator @conradrocha is growing in popularity on the app.


There’s a new popular dance on TikTok. The catchy “Greedy For Treasure” dance by creator @conradrocha is marked by TikTok’s “Clone Effect,” as well as swinging arm motions, hops, and air guitars. It is set to a mashup of Ariana Grande’s “Greedy” and Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” mixed by Quentin Mashups on YouTube. On the app, the audio is linked to over 113,600 videos. The dance can also be tracked under the hashtag #greedy.


Baby, you got lucky cause you’re rocking with the best
And I’m greedy
‘Cause I’m so greedy
‘Cause I’m so
I ain’t talking money, I’m just physically obsessed
And I’m greedy
‘Cause I’m so greedy

Creator @Conradrocha first uploaded the dance on April 13. At the time of publication, it has received over 215,000 times and viewed over 3.5 million times.

@conradrochai LOVE this mashup!!!! ##greedy ##lifeathomequiz ##keepingbusy♬ GREEDY x TREASURE – conradrocha

The dance is so catchy its been performed by many creators, including popular YouTuber JoJo Siwa. Her video was watched over 9.5 million times and received over 523,000 likes.

@itsjojosiwadid you guys know i’m a triplet??♬ GREEDY x TREASURE – conradrocha

Here are other popular takes on @Conradrocha’s “Greedy For Treasure” dance:

@itskarmthis old lady was walking by and she stopped to watch me dance… hands down my favourite ##blooper & highlight of my day 🥺💛 ##fyp♬ GREEDY x TREASURE – conradrocha
@mariaruthemmastay tuned to see the the full version hehe DC: @conradrocha♬ GREEDY x TREASURE – conradrocha