The Brief: Twitter users are creating their own cottagecore and farmcore ensembles using an astrological chart.


Internet users have found a unique way to blend fashion and astrology together with a chart that determines your ideal cottagecore and farmcore ensemble based on your sun, moon, and rising signs. Those signs are based on the exact time and date a person is born.

Sun signs are most widely used in mainstream astrology. Many horoscopes are based on sun signs. According to Bustle, the sun is considered the center of our solar system and the root of life on Earth, so when it comes to astrology, it is the core and root of who you are. The moon is said to rule over your emotional and intimate side and your rising (ascendant) sign is said to be the version of you that people see at first glance. These signs can now be used to determine your perfect cottagecore/farmcore ensemble.

The chart was shared on Dec. 1 on Twitter and saw over 16,800 quoted replies and 340 replies.

Some people loved their ensembles.

Others would’ve liked to make a few substitutions.

A few people learned they are already living the cottagecore lifestyle.

And, some hated their outfits to their cottage core.