The Brief: A vintage photo of a distracted woman looking at a naval officer (or Marine) while walking with a sailor is being used on Reddit.


Before there was the popular distracted boyfriend meme, there was the old school, vintage distracted girlfriend meme. It is now popping up on Reddit. The photo is of a woman walking with a sailor and her head is turned as a naval officer (or Marine) walks by. The photo closely resembles a stock photo of a guy eyeing another woman while walking with his girlfriend.

Redditor u/_EuXioM_ posted the original photo in mid-March explaining the history behind the photo.

In the early 50’s, a distracted girlfriend way before the distracted boyfriend meme
byu/_EuXioM_ inOldSchoolCool

Reddit user u/PapaDragonPH posted the vintage distracted boyfriend meme in the group Meme Economy on April 14, around 7 p.m. PT. The photo pokes fun at the modern meme, with woman focusing her attention on “old-school distracted girlfriend meme” instead of the “distracted boyfriend meme.”Β  It is rising in popularity with 9,900 likes and 137 comments, at the time of publication.

Invest in a rare vintage meme right now!
byu/PapaDragonPH inMemeEconomy

Redditors are slowly posting the vintage distracted girlfriend meme. One Redditor (u/marius0306) used it to make fun of reddit users’ growing interest in the vintage meme.

hope u like it
byu/marius0306 inteenagers

Another user (u/DarthVader101123) made fun of Instagram users with the vintage meme.

Instagram Normies Be Like:
byu/DarthVader101123 inteenagers